I, Tydrian, welcome you to Xion Warbase.

If you don't know who I am, I am the webmaster, Tydrian. I am a white cat.
How do I do it? In your world I would be described using the term 'anthropomorphic',
in simpler terms it means 'human-shape'.
I created Xion Warbase back in 1996 AD, then it was used as a vault to store info
on playing some of the best video games in the world. Well, then in 2002 AD I realized
that it's purpose was slowly dying, too many other websites with the same exact info.
The only way to keep Xion Warbase going was to give it something unique, what other
websites do not offer: My creative talent.

So here it is! Take a look! I put them here for all to see!

My art galleries, pictures either made by me or for me.

Restore Color, Return to Heaven

Graphic Novels written and drawn by various anthropomorphic/furry artists!

E-mail address? Yes, I have one, too!

Xion Warbase was last updated June 3, 2011 AD by Tydrian.